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Grievance Redressal Policy

Diosm Private Limited is a company founded under the Companies Act 2013 and based in Damoh, MP. Its registered office is at 195, Civil 05. Diosm (also known as "Diosm") is a payment aggregator and payment gateway that assists businesses in collecting payments from their end-customers.

Diosm places a high priority on all of its customers and businesses. Diosm has established an uniform grievance redressal procedure and implemented this grievance policy for the convenience of our merchants and customers. This grievance policy aids Diosm in reviewing all complaints and resolving any grievances as quickly as possible.

An email can be used to file a complaint from a merchant or a client. If a complaint received through any of the aforementioned channels is not resolved within the specified time frame, or if the merchant or consumer is unhappy with the resolution provided, they can escalate to the next level or contact the Diosm-appointed Nodal officer.

For the purposes of this Grievance Policy, an end-customer is defined as someone who pays merchants for a product or service. (ii) Diosm onboards a merchant to use the Diosm payment solution to collect payments from end-customers.

Customer Dissatisfaction

The end-user must provide the following information in order to file a customer complaint:
Member Id
Date of the transaction
Amount of the transaction
Mode of operation
Account information for the remitter
Transaction ID is unique (UTR)
The merchant provides the transaction ID.
The vendor provides the order ID.
Details of the complaint
Previous communication history (screenshot) (if applicable)

Complaint from a Merchant

The merchant must provide the following information in order to file a merchant complaint.
Login ID for Merchants
Details of the complaint
Details related to the complaint with a unique transaction ID (UTR).

Support at the first level

Customers or merchants can submit an email to support@diosm.com with the details of their complaint. The consumer / merchant must supply all pertinent information regarding the complaint. Within 3 to 5 business days, the Diosm team will react. Diosm may request additional information from the customer/merchant regarding the complaint; in order to give better assistance, the customer/merchant should respond to the same email thread. If the consumer or merchant is dissatisfied with the final outcome, they have the option to escalate to the next level.
Please contact us at support@diosm.com.

Support at Level 2

If a customer or merchant is dissatisfied with level 1 support, they can escalate their issue to Level 2. To do so, they should forward/attach any previous communications to help@diosm.com. For Level 2 complaints, Diosm normally responds within 5 to 7 business days. If a client or merchant is dissatisfied with the remedy offered, they can proceed to the next stage of escalation.
diosm email address is help@diosm.com.

Level 3 Support

If a customer's or merchant's complaint is not resolved, the issue will be escalated to the our executive.
Time to respond: 0 to 2 working days
Time to resolve: 7 to 12 working days